eating out

Lambert’s Cafe.

How to evoke the unique ambiance that is Lambert’s?

Imagine a place where fresh-faced young farm-lasses roam the aisles willing to share the contents of their vast steel serving bowls brimming with fried okra, macaroni, fried potatoes, black-eyed peas…

On top of the twelve-inch chicken-fried-steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans with ham chunks and fresh applesauce served in a large frying pan.  And tea served in a trucker mug.

And fresh-baked rolls.


Thrown at you by hale young college boys.
Food is so much more fun when it is flying through the air. 
Just south of Springfield, Missouri, Lambert’s is an old-timey restaurant that really IS old-timey, not some pale, kitschy franchised imitation.  Sure, it’s corny.  But corny means ingenuous, honest and even kind. 
I wouldn’t want to live in such a simple, slow-moving place.
But it sure is nice to visit. 



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