moving target

My daughter, Bottled Lightning is home.

She spent a month in the Land of the Rampant Cow and Pungent Streets.

India, that is.

Bottled Lightning is not your typical middle child.  She always has a goal,  an adventure or a cause that she’s working on.

I’ve often wondered if she was switched at birth.

Even when she was a child, she was always busy.  When she was two she was forever cutting things out of construction paper.  What they were…well, she knew what they were, even if we didn’t.  She collected cicada skins and glued them to cardboard in the attitude of an invading army.  She trained the dog to jump a course like a horse.

This year she brought school supplies to El Salvador.  Spearheaded a girl-trip to Hawaii in three days.  Built a house in New Orleans.  Canyoned in Switzerland.  Made super-deluxe A+ grades in college and worked two jobs.

And she’s not on amphetamines.  Or even coffee.


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