you enjoy it your way, i’ll enjoy it mine

Let’s get weird tonight. 

We’re watching Ghost Hunters,the  series that originally ran on the SciFi Channel. 

First of all, I don’t give a rat’s ass damn about electric-field-finders and heat-seeking-equipment.  I want a 40-year-old matronly medium speaking with the threatening voice of a demon.  I want people jumping because unseen fingers pinched their rear ends.  I want people running and screaming!   I want creepy little waif-children saying, “They’re hEEEeeere.” 


Here is what I’m getting:

“The girls were getting a sensation in the bathroom.”

“You go first.”

“They have these mannequins.  They do move.”

“Oh jeez.”    

“Will she get agitated if I sit on her stool?”

I really am enjoying the show, but not for the reasons that  I should.


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