one of a kind

My Occasional Guest Blogger, Freckles McYoungest made her first entry yesterday. 

 I think she did a good job.  She was clear and concise, used interesting information and gave audio-visual demonstrations.

It’s not easy being the youngest.  The last of the tribe is always one step behind, busting a gut to keep up with the older siblings.  It’s especially hard when the brothers and sisters in front of you are high-achieving.

But guess what.  Freckles McYoungest is her own person with her own interests.  And most of them are socially acceptable.

She has put a Scottish flag on our porch.  (Are we Scottish?  Well, of course not!)

She quotes Monty Python.  (“I banged me gavel, I waggled me wig.”)

She plays Halo on her Xbox. 

Her goal this summer:  Become nocturnal.

She can wiggle her neck like it’s on a swivel.  (“Oh no you di-in’t!”)

She laughs in her sleep.

Freckles McYoungest is one fascinating specimen.


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