Guest-Blog #1

I am the first guest-blogger on this site. My aim is to educate you on different television shows. I will be giving different reviews.

For the first guest-blog ever done on The Imaginal Realm, I will first be giving out a syllabus.

1st- The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

2nd- Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs

3rd- Spongebob Squarepants

4th- Criminal Minds

5th- Bones

6th- House

7th- Law and Order


The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson is the alien from Glasgow, Scotland that hosts the Late Late Show. He adds a new sense of comedy to the already full plate.  Although he doesn’t have the most views, anyone that watches him is immediately faithful.


In the beginning of his career, Craig started out by playing the drums for a punk rock band in Glasgow. He soon began to work in a local pub where he was introduced to Michael Boyd, the artistic director of The Tron Theatre in Glasgow. He told Ferguson that it would be a good idea to take a look at acting.

Craig soon came to find that he was good at comedy. Through the years he was in shows such as, “The Ferguson Theory,” “Maybe This Time,” and “The Drew Carey Show.”

After these shows, he had a little off time. A few years later, Craig started to host the Late Late Show in 2005.

One of the funniest, reoccurring sketches that Craig does, is a spoof of “Murder, She Wrote.”

This episode was aired on Friday the 13th 2008.


He usually digresses from his written jokes quickly to funnier, and more widely-ranged jokes. Craig starts out with a monologue and then proceeds to commercial. When we get back from commercials, he procedes to carry-over jokes and then he reads…EMAILS!!!

This episode was aired on June 17, 2008.

The emails come in a million of different varieties. Recently, a viewer sent in an email that said Craig’s name was an anagram of “Cougar Fingers”.

All in all, everyone that watches this show will it!!!


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