cadillac ranch

If you came to this blog because you need some pictures of Cadillac Ranch, here ya go.  Taken by yours truly in 2008.  This work of art was erected outside of Amarillo, Texas by Stanley Marsh 3 and the artsy bunch known as The Ant Farm in 1974.  For a nice overview go to this article.  You are free to use these pictures for school projects, blogs and such.  If you want them for commercial purposes, e-mail me, and we’ll talk.




Well, you COULD look around at my posts, if you want…..but you don’t hafta.

  1. I love Cadillac Ranch photos! And I love the idea of Cadillac ranch. My husband’s first car was a pink 1959 Cadillac complete with chrome galore and those enormous tailfins that everyone has to love! Thank you for sharing these photos. They are awesome! Caren

  2. A PINK 1959 CADILLAC? You gotta fall in love with a guy who would choose a car like that.

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